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The Mama Issue

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I love you, magazine issue no. 06

"Mother stop calling me." It's with this threatening letter from artist EVA VON PLATENthat the sixth issue of I LOVE YOU starts. “The Mama issue”, because I said so, is the theme. It is dedicated entirely to the subject of the mother. New mother and Hollywood actress LEELEE SOBIESKIE slips exclusively into the role of the "soccer mom" and reveals where her obsession for ice cream comes from. Not only motherhood, but also the relationship of the child to the mother is investigated. Artist CANDICE BREITZ tells us why Hollywood and the media have taken over parenthood. Showing what else you can model from plasticine apart from donkeys, mice, and the latest Prada shoes, the magazine with his wit and love for humanity is the ultimate tribute to all mothers. The self-made "Federal Cross of Merit" for this issue seems more than deserved.