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Zur Kasse

Things I've Learned About Maturity

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Every attempt to improve myself shows me what else is still missing. The solution seems easy: Just find another routine to fix it. Self-optimization is sold as the cure-all for our times, from the inside to the outside.

„Everything becomes a religion; everything’s a ‚game-changer‘,” I LOVE YOU contributor und culture journalist Şeyda Kurt writes in one of the issue's essays. „Truth is obligatory in a world of ambiguity – even if it’s just about how much water one should be drinking.“ But if beauty, skincare, wellness and health routines constitute the journey, then what’s the destination? I LOVE YOU's BE YOUR MOST AMAZING SELF print issue sparks a dialogue about hope, hype, adaptation and rebellion.

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Photography: Spela Kasal
Stylist: Natacha Voranger
Models: Albertine, Rose Walls, Gabrielle Benzimra, Margherita Mine, Vivienne
Make-up: Masae Ito @atomo
Hair: Shaun Mcintosh @atomo

Photo assistant: Lucie Hautot
Stylist assistant: Adele Berson