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Does make-up have to be synonymous with beauty? 

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Fresh from creating the looks for these pages, London-based make-up artist Ana Takahashi talks to Lisa Niven-Phillips about creativity, collaboration and embracing the unconventional.

How would you describe your approach to make-up?

I guess the best way to describe it is as painterly. I mean, that is my background – I did oil painting before I started make-up, so it makes sense for that to be my approach, to create a story on a face. 

I’m not too interested in making someone beautiful, I want to create something beautiful on their face. It’s fun to work with someone like Tom because he wants you to run wild with that style. It’s really quite improvised, which is how I used to paint too.

Read the full interview in I LOVE YOU’s BE YOUR MOST AMAZING SELF print issue, coming in 2020.


Photography: Tom Blesch
Styling: Jamie-Maree Shipton
Make-up: Ana Takahashi
Hair: Claire Moore
Nails: Chiara Ballisai
Production: Rachel Xie
Models: Charlene @storm
Godi @nevs


Interview: Lisa Niven-Phillips


Every attempt to improve myself shows me what else is still missing. The solution seems easy: Just find another routine to fix it. Self-optimization is sold as the cure-all for our times, from the inside to the outside.

„Everything becomes a religion; everything’s a ‚game-changer‘,” I LOVE YOU contributor und culture journalist Şeyda Kurt writes in one of the issue's essays. „Truth is obligatory in a world of ambiguity – even if it’s just about how much water one should be drinking.“

But if beauty, skincare, wellness and health routines constitute the journey, then what’s the destination? I LOVE YOU's BE YOUR MOST AMAZING SELF print issue sparks a dialogue about hope, hype, adaptation and rebellion. Coming in 2020.