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Deep Adaptation

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Crystal-embellished mesh dress with a curved cut-out section at the chest BOTTEGA VENETA; Ruffled mini dress in silk MIU MIU; Ear cuff highlighted with 3 garnets and intertwined hoop earrings INNAN, Shearling coat in a camouflage design MIU MIU; Laced knitted boots with glass beads weaving LOU DE BÈTOLY; Crepe Couture dress with Undercover Cosmos print VALENTINO; Soft suede boots in beige HERMÈS; White coat with a floral print, side pockets and a satin rose appliqué PRADA

Welcome to the era of routines. Exercise, sleep, nutrition and skincare have become rituals - but what does that say about our times? Is it all about relaxation? Conformity? Rebellion? Not really.

According to Jem Bendell, strategist, educator, Professor of Sustainability Leadership and Founder of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) at the University of Cumbria, we've actually entered the Age of Denial. His paper “Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy” is concerned with the climate crisis’ impact on society and pleads for humankind to face the likelihood of a social collapse.

I LOVE YOU's BE YOUR MOST AMAZING SELF issue explores how a thesis threatening everything we know collides with the zeitgeist of devoted and ritualized self-optimization. Coming in 2020.

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Photography: Lotte van Raalte
Styling: Leonie Volk
Art direction: Alina Larissa Schmid
Hair-/Make-up: Francesca Vigliarolo
Production: Leonie Volk
Assistance: Yotam Pfermann
Model: Azuli Peeters

Article: Lia Haubner

Concept with contributions from Julia Rosenstock


Every attempt to improve myself shows me what else is still missing. The solution seems easy: Just find another routine to fix it. Self-optimization is sold as the cure-all for our times, from the inside to the outside.

„Everything becomes a religion; everything’s a ‚game-changer‘,” I LOVE YOU contributor und culture journalist Şeyda Kurt writes in one of the issue's essays. „Truth is obligatory in a world of ambiguity – even if it’s just about how much water one should be drinking.“

But if beauty, skincare, wellness and health routines constitute the journey, then what’s the destination? I LOVE YOU's BE YOUR MOST AMAZING SELF print issue sparks a dialogue about hope, hype, adaptation and rebellion. Coming in 2020.