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ESSAY: Coat vs. Companion

Piece of Me

 Sometimes I have wanted

to throw you off

like a heavy coat.

Sometimes I have said

you would not let me 

breathe or move.

But now that I am free

to choose light clothes

or none at all

I feel the cold 

and all the time I think

how warm it used to be.

‘Coat’ By Vicki Feaver


Slowly the well known spring fever through the earlier months of the year passes away. While it’s getting colder, every woman wishes herself again some more warmth. As everyone knows women have been congenitally emotional. While trying to avoid this fact we are seeking for an adjustment: We acquire a new coat.

And so it happens again year after year. Another beautiful exemplar finds its way to our closet, even if our budget isn’t that limitless. We are exuberantly happy carrying this big shopping bag, reverently opening the silky paper and feeling the still a little stiff fabric. Auricularly we are trying him on at home, although it‘s just September.

October arrives, we proudly present our achievement. Look at me, look at the magnificent buttons. Mine is way better than yours!
(A piece of history remains: A coat established either social status or as part of a professional or military uniform.) Avoiding words we observe other floor-length sewing pattern, floating over foggy, dirty city ground, either black or navy blue, sometimes camel.
For now this exculpation will satisfy us…

Unlocking our flat the coat gets his usual place, hook and hanger or the bathroom to dry out rain and snowflakes. We turn on the heating, light up a candle, brew a mug of tea and cover our feet with mother‘s hand knitted socks. However we are cuddling our blankets at night, actually wishing we could exchange this beautiful piece of wool against our former lover, furiously digging our head into the fluffy pillow. Though some people think, money can’t buy happiness this fact isn‘t right in every single situation. Imagine this handsome guy could see you again in this even more gorgeous coat, he would totally fall in love with you again and the all-embracing problem could be solved. But also imagine this love story would last till moving in together: Somehow you would have to explain why, for heaven’s sake, you’re the owner of ten to twenty different coats. Aggravating situation!

Summing up: Spinning round again and again must be apparent kind of normal in this aspect. In the meantime we collect one beauty after another while remembering really romantic summer evenings, where at most a blouse was needed, neither less of any clothing.

 By all means, for now here are three beautiful attendants:

If your guy used to be a buff protector the MARNI MILITARY COAT is perfect to replace him. Your boyfriend was more into books and long sunday walks? Then you may choose this  CHECKED COAT BY PEDRO DEL HIERRO MADRID. And if he used to take you out to fancy dinners you should definitely pick the BURBERRY PRORSUM BRUSHED WOOL COAT.

Piece of Me
My Future Ex-Boyfriend
Piece of Me
My Future Ex-Boyfriend
My Future Ex-Boyfriend
Piece of Me
converse 2015
Piece of Me
My Future Ex-Boyfriend
Piece of Me
Piece of Me
Piece of Me
My Future Ex-Boyfriend
Piece of Me
My Future Ex-Boyfriend
Piece of Me