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After the first rainy day of Berlin Fashion Week the sun is finally shining. From the hectic noisy street of Potsdamer Strasse I attend the architecturally appealing yard where the designers behind Augustin Teboul, Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul, has decided to present their spring/summer 2015 collection in Galerie Judin. The respectively German and French designers have found the time do an interview exclusively for I Love You Magazine. It is my second interview of the brand and I am incredibly excited to be meeting them again.


It has been just two days since they came home from Paris where they received the highly respected Woolmark Prize during Paris Fashion Week. They participated with a stunning, black outfit containing a wool-material they had not worked with before. One of the judges among the extremely influencing personalities in fashion, Emmanuelle Alt, editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, explained the reason of their honouring like this:

”We have been very touched by the mix of Annelie and Odély’s personalities. They give the wool an unexpected evening touch”.

The rest of the jury consisted of Anita Barr, Group Fashion Buying Director of Harvey Nichols, Peter Copping, Artistic Director for Nina Ricci and Colin McDowell, one of the world’s top fashion commentators – especially for his work for The Sunday Times.

It is unavoidable to notice how the designers’ eyes start shining when I mention it to them. They know what this price will mean for their brand and are infinitely excited, yet humble about it.

“It is just two days ago, so everything still feels very overwhelming. We won the European price, so next year we are going to present six outfits in Beijing for the IWP finale. Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent won this price as well, so it definitely means something to our brand.”

“We are still a small business, so of course this means a lot to us as a brand. We would like to expand and at the same time really focus on the couture-part of our brand.”

I mention the quote of Pierre Bergé explaining that the only time he saw Yves Saint Laurent happy, was when he stepped out on the catwalk after a finished fashion show of his. In a rather firm voice she says:

“If we were like that we would never be able to create the kind of clothes that we do.”

Just before their show at Berlin Fashion Week last summer Annelie was giving birth. The fact that she has a new family member is also a big motivation for her.

“I have a baby now, so now I am leaving the studio everyday at six in the evening. It makes the actual time in the studio more intense, and I have to do a certain amount of work when I am there. That motivates me. And then I can see Tilda even more.” A big smile immediately spreads on her face.

In their last presented collection, Equinoxe (fall/winter 14) they presented coloured pieces for the first time. Odély explains:

“People shouldn’t care of the fact that we are presenting colours – it is not about that. Our new collection contains colours such as grey and silver, but you hardly see it. Our collection is about so much more.”

Annelie explains the new collection as it is cut much more into the bone of the aesthetics they are following.“This collection is the very essence of what Augustin Teboul is about. It is a bit more rock’n’roll than what we usually do and less romanic.”

And indeed, they did present a collection that was cut into the bone of Augustin Teboul. The high ceilings of Galerie Judin combined with hard, regularly flashing light and slightly psychedelic music played live by a few DJ’s and a saxophone player created an exciting special atmosphere. It truly underlined their new collection worn by tripping models in step inside a triangular catwalk. The collection contained astonishing pieces; long skirts with slits, leather trousers, detailed grey jersey-dresses, heavy leather jackets and transparent, long garments – all this combined with a touch of glitter, broad-brimmed hats and metallic fabrics. This collection was the essence of Augustin Teboul and the unique attitude that comes with it.

Their future plans are not clear, but defined:

“We want to expand, but the most important thing is that we stay true to ourselves and our DNA.”

Piece of Me
My Future Ex-Boyfriend
Piece of Me
My Future Ex-Boyfriend
My Future Ex-Boyfriend
Piece of Me
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Piece of Me
My Future Ex-Boyfriend
Piece of Me
Piece of Me
Piece of Me
My Future Ex-Boyfriend
Piece of Me
My Future Ex-Boyfriend
Piece of Me